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Also known as Derby Refugee Advice Centre (DRAC), Derby Refugee Forum was established in 2002. We are currently working in the premises of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Centre.

We are a registered charity run by volunteers.

We offer support and signposting for those seeking sanctuary in the UK. We do this through our drop-in advice sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, through our English and maths classes and through the variety of workshops, trips and activities we have on offer.

We aim to provide a positive, respectful environment where people can get the help they need.



Chair – Joan Stannard         

Treasurer – Ferid Kevric

Project Manager – Janet Fuller 

Volunteer Coordinator/Administration Officer – Ruth Long

Committee Members – David Callow,  Sarah Wall, 

Maureen Priddin,  Nasrin Samarvi,  Munna Younis,  Omar Elshafiee,  Bethany Sheldon.

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Our Annual Report gives an insight to our achievements each year. Take a look to find out more.

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